Dan Lyons enthralled the worlds of business, media, and Silicon Valley with his wildly popular, lovingly hilarious and insightful blog, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Writing in the voice of Apple’s CEO, Lyons pioneered a vivid, entertaining new form of journalism that blended fiction, comedy, and news in what some called an online version of The Daily Show. On stage, Dan is witty, engaging and fast on his feet, garnering rave reviews from audiences.

Lyons is an author and technology journalist who served as the Technology Editor of Newsweek, a technology columnist at Forbes, and Editor-in-Chief of ReadWrite, one of the world’s top tech news sites. He has now turned his attention to content marketing, working as a Marketing Fellow at HubSpot, a software company in Cambridge.

Dan is an expert on consumer tech (Apple, Google, social media, mobile computing) as well as esoteric topics like fusion energy, supercomputers and artificial intelligence. He was featured in recent Discovery Channel documentary about the Singularity, and has appeared as a guest on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and National Public Radio.

In addition to his work as a journalist, Lyons has published three works of fiction and dabbled in screenwriting for television. His book, Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, was a sharp satire about Silicon Valley, published in 2007 to critical acclaim. His previous books are Dog Days (a novel) and The Last Good Man (an award-winning collection of short stories). As a fiction writer Dan has been the recipient of both a prestigious National Endowment for the Arts Literary Fellowship and the somewhat notorious Playboy College Fiction Prize. He also was named one of the “Fabulous 52″ in the 1996 Best Young American Novelists competition sponsored by Granta.


What Would Steve Do? The 8 Simple Secrets to Apple’s Success
Over the past 15 years Apple has gone from being nearly bankrupt to being the biggest company in the world, with a market value exceeding half a trillion dollars. How did they do it? Dan Lyons explains the simple principles that enabled Steve Jobs to lead Apple through the most amazing comeback in corporate history. It’s an engaging tale that captures the spirit of Steve Jobs and leaves audiences inspired and ready to “think different.”

What is Content Marketing?

Everybody’s talking about content marketing these days, but what does that term actually mean? And how do you do it? And does it actually work? Veteran journalist Dan Lyons works at the front lines of this revolution as a Marketing Fellow at HubSpot, a leading maker of marketing software and an early adopter of the content-is-king approach to marketing and lead generation. In this talk Dan explains why marketing is becoming more and more like journalism, and why every company can and should be building its own media operation — because it’s actually the cheapest and most efficient way of finding leads, converting them to customers, and boosting your business.

The Social-Mobile Revolution: The New Mass Medium That Is Changing the Way We Work, Shop, Learn and Do Business

By 2013 there will be 1 billion smartphones on the planet, and by the end of this decade that number may soar to 5 billion. What happens when almost everyone on the planet is constantly connected to the Internet, and to each other, via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+? What’s being created is a new mass medium that changes virtually everything about our world.

Selling to Cyborgs: Google Glass, Constant Connection and Contextual Business

Can you imagine being surrounded by intelligent sensors and interacting with them as easily as you talk with the people around you? Can you imagine being connected to the Internet so intimately and so constantly that you become part of it? Can you imagine glasses that connect you to a supercomputer and augment your intelligence so profoundly that you won’t want to live without them? The Internet itself is going through a massive evolutionary leap into what author and technology expert Dan Lyons calls “the immersive Internet.” This dazzling view of the future will leave your audience informed, inspired — and maybe a little bit freaked out.