17th Oct, 2008

The "Apple tax"

By | October 17th, 2008|Tech|32 Comments

The Borg has been going around making noise about the so-called “Apple tax” — ie the premium you pay for using a Mac instead of a Windows PC. Mac fanboys dispute the notion. My sense as a user is that there may indeed be an “Apple tax,” but who cares? My Macs and other Apple products may cost a little more but the difference is small enough that I don’t really notice it and certainly don’t mind it. I […]

24th Jul, 2008

Microtard who botched Yahoo & oversaw Vista is leaving the company. Shocking, right?

By | July 24th, 2008|Tech|11 Comments

See here. Kevin Johnson, a sales guy who rose to run the Borg’s Windows and Web operations, is de-borging and will become CEO of Juniper Networks. Johnson (above left, dancing like a halfwit with a fellow Borgtard at the Vista announcement) not only¬†crafted the Yahoo merger strategery but he also oversaw Vistaster. Talk about a deadly twofer. At most companies either one of those things would be enough to get […]