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3rd Jun, 2015

I can't get excited about the Apple Watch

By | June 3rd, 2015|Tech|0 Comments

It’s been out for a while now, long enough for everyone to write their day-one reviews, and then write their “What it’s like to live with Apple Watch for a week” reviews, and then to do the long-form essays about the implications of Apple Watch (I worked with a guy who used to call that kind of story a “thumb-sucker”) — and after all that I still have no desire to own one, or even any desire to go to […]

3rd Jun, 2015

Dick Costolo on the hot seat at Twitter

By | June 3rd, 2015|Tech|0 Comments

Wall Street wants him out, says Business Insider. The problem is they can’t figure out who can replace him.

As I wrote in January, on Valleywag (There Will Be Blood):

The problem is I’m not sure anyone can do better. Twitter is a money pit, a company that costs more to run than it can generate in revenues. Last quarter Twitter lost about $180 million on sales of about $360 million, meaning they are spending a dollar fifty to make […]

4th Nov, 2013

Nexus 5: I've Now Retired My Other Android Phones

By | November 4th, 2013|Tech|1 Comment

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.11.17 AMA lot of the early reactions to the new Nexus 5 from Google have been of the “solid performer, good value for money” variety.

I actually feel more enthusiastic than that. The best praise I can give the new Nexus 5 smartphone from Google is simply this: Within hours after first turning it on, I put all of my other Android phones away in a drawer.

I tend […]

8th May, 2013

Reverse engineering the brain

By | May 8th, 2013|Tech|2 Comments

Great story from Wired about Andrew Ng and the quest to reverse engineer the human brain. Google is going after this in a big way — I suspect it’s what Larry Page really wanted to do all along. But others are in the hunt.

8th May, 2013

Stay off the Twitter and get some damn work done!

By | May 8th, 2013|Tech|4 Comments

That was the lesson I took from reading this really interesting piece by Brian Lam. I often feel guilty because I’m not very “active” on Twitter and I feel like this makes me a bad person somehow. It’s inspiring to hear someone I respect and admire say you’re better off taking a quick look then hunkering down and doing some real work.

For those of you who don’t know him, Brian was once the editor of Gizmodo, got burned out […]

23rd Oct, 2012

I’ve moved to a new home, and hope you will come with me

By | October 23rd, 2012|Tech|70 Comments

Just a heads up that I’m starting a new job as editor-in-chief of ReadWrite, a tech site formerly known as ReadWriteWeb. We have rebranded the site as ReadWrite and launched it yesterday with a new design and a new approach to covering tech news. Meaning: more personality, more engagement, more fun.

This is not going to be Fake Steve 2.0 because, alas, Fake Steve has left the building. But […]

1st Oct, 2012

Apple's new maps miraculously now work perfectly thanks to Tim Cook's apology

By | October 1st, 2012|Tech|15 Comments

That’s what I’m hearing. People around the world who were having problems with the new maps say that within hours of Tim Cook’s apology the software miraculously started working perfectly. Customers are happy, Apple has won, Google is screwed, and, in a tiny church in a remote village in Portugal, a painting of Steve Jobs (above) has started weeping real tears, all thanks […]

27th Sep, 2012

The real issue about Apple maps

By | September 27th, 2012|Tech|19 Comments

The key thing in the maps situation is what this move says about Apple and the kind of company it has become. As Roger Kay points out on Forbes:

Does Apple care that its naked self interest is showing? Not at all, near as I can tell. Apple has always had disdain for what others think, even — no, especially — customers.

However, for a potential customer […]

27th Sep, 2012

Here comes the map spin from Cupertino

By | September 27th, 2012|Tech|51 Comments

The rule of thumb for following Apple is that if you want to know what Apple PR’s official line is, you just need to read the top-tier Apple apologists like John Gruber and MG Siegler. They’re pretty much operating as unpaid Apple spokesbots. Apple briefs these guys, but instead of having the balls to do it on the record, Apple feeds them some spin with the condition that they will write it up while attributing their info to “sources who are familiar with the situation.” It’s a bit like being a Kremlinologist and reading Pravda and Izvestia.

And, sure enough, in the wake of the Mapocalypse, today come Gruber and Siegler with Apple’s spin. Gruber pens “On the Timing of Apple’s Map Switch” and Siegler provides “Ripping Off The Bloody Band-Aid.”


27th Sep, 2012

Pogue goes rogue!

By | September 27th, 2012|Tech|13 Comments

The brainwashed brown-noser pens a vicious critique of Apple’s new maps app. Apparently he just noticed that the software is terrible:

In short, Maps is an appalling first release. It may be the most embarrassing, least usable piece of software Apple has ever unleashed.

Question remains: How did Pogue not notice this when he was preparing his original glowing review? The one in which he said the new […]