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5th May, 2016

Oakland Book Festival: You Should Check This Out

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Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.08.34 PM

The Oakland Book Festival takes place later this month, on Sunday, May 22. The information is all here. I’m going to be participating on two panels. The first is called “The New Company Town,” which will “examine the troubling legacy of the new company town and its effect on workers.” The second is called “Working in Silicon Valley,” looking at issues […]

25th Apr, 2016

Today's highlight: Live Twitter chat with Amy Cuddy

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Just spent a half hour on phone with Wharton school radio program, and at 1 p.m. will be getting a visit from a journalist from a French newsweekly, Le Nouvel Observateur, aka L’Obs. Then, at 3 p.m., I’ll be doing a live chat with Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School professor and author of “Presence,” a huge best-seller, which I just finished last night. Brilliant work by a fascinating, multi-faceted person.

twitter chat with amy cuddy

25th Apr, 2016

An "illustrated interview" with yours truly, by Iris Amelia Febres

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A few days ago I spent a few wonderful hours with a local artist, Iris Amelia Febres, who produces what she calls “illustrated interviews,” or “illustrinterviews” with authors. She also wrote a brief article on Tumblr, and dubbed me “Diversity Advocate Man.”

Iris Amelia

25th Apr, 2016

Into the "Disrupted" whirlwind

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Disrupted coverThe last few weeks have been crazy and a bit surreal. “Disrupted” came out, and after that everything went into a blur. In the past month I’ve been in LA for 10 days, New York for media around the book, Boston for parties and readings, then a week of events in San Francisco. I thought when I got home things would slow down, and they have, a little bit, but […]

25th Mar, 2016

My events for "Disrupted"

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Disrupted coverFriends: Hachette Book Group has lined up a few things for me around the launch of my terribly exciting and not-at-all controversial new book, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble. Here are some events you might want to attend:

Wednesday April 6, WorkBar, Cambridge, 7 p.m., with Harvard Bookstore

Thursday April 7, Google Boston, 2 p.m., with Harvard Bookstore.

Thursday April 7, Launch Party, Empire Boston, Seaport District, hosted by Version […]

25th Mar, 2016

Be there or be square: my San Francisco appearances

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Disrupted cover

You may have heard that I have a new book coming out.

The nice people at Hachette Book Group are sending me on a mini book tour. The smoke-filled party bus will swing through San Francisco the week of April 11, reeking of patchouli oil and festooned with peace signs. Here’s where I’ll be:

Tuesday April 12, Litquake event, Alamo Drafthouse, San Francisco, 7 p.m.

Wednesday April 13, Kepler’s, Menlo Park, […]

1st Jan, 2016

2015 Prediction Scorecard: Wow Was I Wrong

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Saturday Night Live

One year ago I was starting a new job at Gawker, where I was going to write the Valleywag blog. That adventure was cut short when I ruptured disk while skiing, but not before I made a bunch of incredibly bad predictions for 2015, in an post headlined, Predictions For 2015: There Will Be Blood. I hate making predictions because I suck at it and my predictions […]

3rd Jun, 2015

I can't get excited about the Apple Watch

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It’s been out for a while now, long enough for everyone to write their day-one reviews, and then write their “What it’s like to live with Apple Watch for a week” reviews, and then to do the long-form essays about the implications of Apple Watch (I worked with a guy who used to call that kind of story a “thumb-sucker”) — and after all that I still have no desire to own one, or even any desire to go to […]

3rd Jun, 2015

Dick Costolo on the hot seat at Twitter

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Wall Street wants him out, says Business Insider. The problem is they can’t figure out who can replace him.

As I wrote in January, on Valleywag (There Will Be Blood):

The problem is I’m not sure anyone can do better. Twitter is a money pit, a company that costs more to run than it can generate in revenues. Last quarter Twitter lost about $180 million on sales of about $360 million, meaning they are spending a dollar fifty to make […]

4th Nov, 2013

Nexus 5: I've Now Retired My Other Android Phones

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Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.11.17 AMA lot of the early reactions to the new Nexus 5 from Google have been of the “solid performer, good value for money” variety.

I actually feel more enthusiastic than that. The best praise I can give the new Nexus 5 smartphone from Google is simply this: Within hours after first turning it on, I put all of my other Android phones away in a drawer.

I tend […]