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3rd Jan, 2017

Disrupted makes the NY Post list of 40 top books of 2016

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I really never dreamed that Disrupted would have so much impact. But 2016 turned out to be a pretty astounding year, one full of surprises. There was a sold-out book tour in San Francisco, and another in London, with visits to the BBC and a speech at the Royal Society of Arts. Disrupted made the New York Times best-seller list, along with others (Wall Street Journal, USA Today, LA Times, SF Chronicle). And I started writing a column for Fortune.

Now […]

26th Oct, 2016

Here's a Disrupted write-up from France

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This story ran a while ago, in L’Obs, which is a big magazine in France. The author is Philippe Boulet-Gercourt. He came up to Boston (he lives in New York) and we spent several hours together, talking about journalism, the state of the business, and where things are going. I really enjoyed meeting him. The photo was taken by Gretchen Ertl, who lives in Boston and does a lot of high-end journalism photography. I think it’s actually a pretty […]

26th Oct, 2016

Here is the German edition of Disrupted

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Von Nerds, Einhornen Und Disruption. Ja ja!


26th Oct, 2016

Disrupted gets a write-up in Germany

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Business Punk is the name of the magazine. I’m told that it’s kind of like the Wired of Germany. Pretty hilarious full-page opening. It’s the same photo that was used in a French magazine, L’Obs, a few months ago. Here’s the L’Obs story.


7th Oct, 2016

Some news: I'm writing a column for Fortune

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I’ve been waiting to announce this. I’ll be writing a column for Fortune magazine, starting in the next edition. Column will be called “Disrupted,” and will focus on corporate life, corporate culture, and things of that nature. First one will be about the corporate equivalent of a midlife crisis — making the decision to leave the cushy big-company job for the exciting world of startups. Should you do it? If so, how do you do it right? How can you […]

20th Sep, 2016

LinkedIn: "Nobody in tech will admit they're old"

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That’s the headline on this story about me by Caroline Fairchild on LinkedIn. It’s worth a read.

20th Sep, 2016

Ford Is Building A New Campus, But The Old One Is So Damn Cool

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Sure, startups have cool, kooky offices. Everyone loves visiting the Googleplex, which feels like you’re on a different planet. But I’ve always had a soft spot for the corporate campuses of the big 20th-century industrial giants. Once years ago I had the chance to interview Lou Gerstner at IBM’s headquarters in Armonk, N.Y. It was like going to meet Superman in the Fortress of Solitude. Everything about the place was meant to […]

20th Sep, 2016

Pix from my UK Disrupted book tour

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Earlier this month (Sept. 5-9) I did a whirlwind tour of appearances in London, Manchester and Liverpool, promoting the U.K. edition of Disrupted, which is published by Atlantic Books. These things all go by in such a blur. Half of what happened I don’t even remember. But: there is photographic evidence! I’m posting these mostly as a reminder to myself, a kind of scrapbook.

crwchkixyaadfec I gave a talk at the RSA in London– that’s […]

20th Sep, 2016

The most extraordinary thing about Disrupted

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0410-BKS-Franklin-master315-v2It has been about six months since Disrupted was published. This has been a really amazing and interesting experience. For one thing, the book has sold well. It made the best-seller lists and now is in its sixth printing. (I like to say it’s the first book I’ve ever written that someone has actually bought.) We’ve sold rights in a bunch of countries around the world. The U.K. edition came out a […]

13th Sep, 2016

My veddy veddy serious lecture at the RSA in London

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I was on a whirlwind book tour in the UK last week and did a crazy non-stop string of appearances, which ranged from BBC World Service and the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 (very serious) to crazy comedy with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 (very not serious). But the highlight for me was a speech at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, aka the RSA. It’s an organization founded in 1754, with an […]