Yesterday my book hit an interesting milestone — Disrupted got its 700th review on Amazon. That’s a lot of reviews! To put this another way I think it is 698 more than my previous book received. More interesting is that the 700th review is one that really moved me:


“This book is important to me.” I can’t tell you how it feels to write a book and have someone say that about your work. I’ve done a lot of writing, but hardly any of it has ever been something that someone would say was important to them.

In fact the most amazing thing about this whole Disrupted experience is the outpouring of letters I’ve received from people telling me things like this. Yes, they thought the book was funny, they got some laughs out of it — but also they tell me their own stories of being abused at work, or discriminated against because of their age, race, or gender, or being excluded, shunned, treated horribly, fired for no reason.

I read all the email that people send me, and I try to write back to everyone, if only to say a quick thanks. Sometimes these notes have started an ongoing correspondence.

It’s weird. I set out to write a funny memoir but have ended up connecting with so many people from all around the world.  It has been a very moving experience. Disrupted changed my life. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that now I’m hoping to write about in my next two books. I didn’t expect that to happen.