17th Mar, 2017

On Bros and Unicorns

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I want to share one image that I showed during my talk at SXSW about “Ending Bro Culture in Startup Land.” It’s a simple graphic. I made a list of the top 16 tech unicorns in the United States, and grabbed a photo of each company’s CEO, then put them on a slide. VCs swear they’re not “pattern matching” when they make investments, that they’re open to diversity, that Silicon Valley is a meritocracy. I think it’s a case of, […]

17th Mar, 2017

How to End Bro Culture — my latest speech topic

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I’ve been on the road a lot lately giving speeches. In late February I went to Squaw Valley and spoke at the Open Source Leadership Forum, more or less about “Disrupted” but also on the new economy business model — “grow fast, lose money, go public, cash out” — and the implications that has for society. Yesterday I was in Orlando talking to AIIM¬†about my book but also about startups and […]

3rd Mar, 2017

My speech at the Open Source Leadership Forum

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img_20170215_093335 Paul and Linus.

A few weeks ago I gave a talk at the Open Source Leadership Forum, hosted by the Linux Foundation. The conference was fantastic. I brought my son (he’s 11) and we both got to meet Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux. My son attended a talk given by Linus and I think (or hope) it inspired him a great deal. (That’s my son Paul standing with Linus, at the […]

2nd Feb, 2017

Disrupted just got its 700th review on Amazon

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Yesterday my book hit an interesting milestone — Disrupted got its 700th review on Amazon. That’s a lot of reviews! To put this another way I think it is 698 more than my previous book received. More interesting is that the 700th review is one that really moved me:


“This book is important to me.” I can’t tell you how it feels to write a book and have someone say that about your […]

2nd Feb, 2017

What’s next? Two more books with Hachette

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bg_dan_lyonsAs the Boston Globe reported this morning, I’ve just struck a two-book deal with Hachette Book Group, the company that published Disrupted. The first book is called Lab Rats. The best thing about the deal, from my perspective, is that I will keep working with Paul Whitlatch, the editor who worked on Disrupted. One thing I’ve learned over a long career in journalism and writing is that a good editor is […]

4th Jan, 2017

“Disruptors” describe their best year ever — mine was 2013

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Maryjane Fahey at AARP asked me to participate in a year-end round-up where they asked “disruptors” what their best year was. And the result is this fantastic slideshow¬†featuring a bunch of really interesting, accomplished people, and then me. Anyway — it was nice to be invited. And I don’t hate the photo. I almost always hate the photo.

3rd Jan, 2017

Disrupted makes the NY Post list of 40 top books of 2016

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I really never dreamed that Disrupted would have so much impact. But 2016 turned out to be a pretty astounding year, one full of surprises. There was a sold-out book tour in San Francisco, and another in London, with visits to the BBC and a speech at the Royal Society of Arts. Disrupted made the New York Times best-seller list, along with others (Wall Street Journal, USA Today, LA Times, SF Chronicle). And I started writing a column for Fortune.

Now […]