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Jesus wept

I just got pitched on a mobile app called “eye saw you.” Check out the super compelling video below. This one is a must-have.

Month of Microsoft: I am sending back the Windows Phones and Windows computers, but if you want my Xbox you will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

My final report about spending a month using Microsoft products went up on the Beast this morning. (You can read it here. Bottom line: Great products, some of which I will really miss. The Lenovo W520 powerhouse laptop is highly recommended as a desktop substitute. I really do not want to send it back. Windows… Read more »

Mixed reviews for Nokia Lumia 900

Josh Topolsky is underwhelmed, and gripes that Windows Phone 7.5 still isn’t where it should be. Walt Mossberg has similar reservations. Sam Biddle of Gizmodo thinks the Lumia 900 could save Windows Phone. Rosa Golijan of MSNBC says it’s a stunner that could lure people away from Apple and Android. I have been using the… Read more »

Larry Page: Steve Jobs wasn’t really angry about Android

That’s the biggest takeaway from this interview that Larry Page gave to my old pal Brad Stone of Bloomberg-Businessweek. I think the Android differences were actually for show. … I think that served their interests. For a lot of companies, it’s useful for them to feel like they have an obvious competitor and to rally… Read more »

25 years after OS/2, and the heady days of the PC revolution

Harry McCracken’s article about IBM’s introduction of the PS/2 and OS/2 (here on the Techland blog) brought back a flood of memories. It was 25 years ago this week: On April 2, 1987, at twin press conferences in New York and Miami, IBM unveiled its plans to reinvent the PC industry which it had jump-started… Read more »

Month of Microsoft: Gmail v. Hotmail

My good friend Barbara Darrow of GigaOm just posted an awesome rant about Gmail and other Google apps. (“Hey, new-and-improved Google, please fix your apps.”) This was prompted by a Marissa Mayer appearance where she said Larry Page is really focused on products and users, and really wants to streamline everything at Google. (Have you… Read more »

Month of Microsoft: Xbox is great, please give us more of same

Farhad Manjoo makes some really good points in this piece called “Apple Doesn’t Need to Make the TV of the Future” arguing that Xbox already does many of the things that people keep dreaming Apple might do with an Apple TV product sometime in the future. Things like voice commands and hand commands are already… Read more »

Android phone or condom? By the name alone, it’s hard to tell

A dear friend just sent a link to this stunning analysis which compares the names of various condoms with the names of various Android phones, and finds a stunning overlap. Desire, Ultra Thin, Sensation, Indulge, Intensity, Wildfire — you get the idea. Nice work. I would note that my beloved Droid Razr Maxx is not… Read more »