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That Chocolate Rain guy just called me

No kidding. I’m working at home today and the home phone just rang and it was Tay Zonday, the Chocolate Rain guy, whose voice totally sounds exactly like it does on that video. He goes, “This is Tay Zonday. You think I’m a one-hit wonder with some kind of gland problem, and I think you’re… Read more »

Gee, Wally, these blender videos never get old, do they?

Yeah, I know. These videos suck. And yet the doofballs keep making them. And other doofballs keep watching them. Just doesn’t seem fair to me that Fake Steve shuts down, while the blendertards just keep booming, along with icanhascheezburger and Perez Hilton. Groan. Don’t get me started.

What's the best iPhone app?

Just did a quick videocam intereview with a guy named Justin who has a show called TalkingheadTV and he was asking me which iPhone apps I like best. Um, well, uh, I had to admit that I’d only tried a few. Flashlight (stupid but it’s only a buck and possibly useful someday); Facebook, AIM, Tetris,… Read more »

Greedy TrumpSpawn pimping for Conde Nast

Portfolio magazine is to the media world what Sam Palmisano is to technology — you know they’re still out there, somewhere, if only because you’re pretty sure that if they’d gone out of business you’d have read something about it, yet you never seem to see Portfolio anywhere or hear about anything they’ve said or… Read more »

In case you missed it

Woz apparently got himself into the front row at a taping of “Price is Right.” Sad stuff. Much love to William for passing along a link to the original version on Macenstein.

Hello, cruel world

So I wanted to get out and stay out. I really did. I wanted at least to have the summer off. But stuff keeps happening and I can’t resist. Jerry Yang and Carl Icahn and Steve Ballmer continue doing their frigtarded three-way monkey dance. It’s getting to be like one of those Ricky Gervais bits… Read more »