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23rd Oct, 2012

I’ve moved to a new home, and hope you will come with me

By | October 23rd, 2012|Tech|70 Comments

Just a heads up that I’m starting a new job as editor-in-chief of ReadWrite, a tech site formerly known as ReadWriteWeb. We have rebranded the site as ReadWrite and launched it yesterday with a new design and a new approach to covering tech news. Meaning: more personality, more engagement, more fun.

This is not going to be Fake Steve 2.0 because, alas, Fake Steve has left the building. But […]

1st Oct, 2012

Apple's new maps miraculously now work perfectly thanks to Tim Cook's apology

By | October 1st, 2012|Tech|15 Comments

That’s what I’m hearing. People around the world who were having problems with the new maps say that within hours of Tim Cook’s apology the software miraculously started working perfectly. Customers are happy, Apple has won, Google is screwed, and, in a tiny church in a remote village in Portugal, a painting of Steve Jobs (above) has started weeping real tears, all thanks […]