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25th Jun, 2012

Spotted on Facebook

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Sadly, I played bass. Big mistake. Sigh.

11th Jun, 2012

Once upon a time we put a man on the moon. Now we pee our pants over retina displays. WTF happened to us?

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I remember being a kid and having the nuns pull us all out of class and cram us into a tiny room where we would sit on the floor and watch NASA launches on a black-and-white TV. These weren’t all moon landings, and I know we didn’t see the first moon landing at school, because that took place in the summer. But every time they launched an Apollo […]

6th Jun, 2012

Android has 3 times as much share as Apple, and Ramon Llamas is about to get hit with an Apple fanblogger attack for reporting this

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Ramon Llamas is the smartphone analyst at IDC and from what I can tell he’s a really nice guy. But he’s about to have a very bad day.

You see, Ramon¬†just did something insane: He put out a press release predicting that in 2016 Apple will be eclipsed by Microsoft and end up in third place in the smartphone market, with Android in first place and […]