Burn in hell, Mike Daisey

That’s the gist of a piece I just put up on the Daily Beast this morning, arguing that the biggest victims of Daisey’s fraud might end up being the Chinese workers he claims to care so much about. In the end he exploited those workers for his own gain. I was away on a ski trip when the news broke. I wasn’t surprised. I met Daisey last fall, saw his show and did a panel with him. He told me that everything in his show was true. You can read the whole thing here.

6 Responses to “Burn in hell, Mike Daisey”

  1. faddah

    good article, though i would make the fact corrections as to sources dchunter1 indicates in the comments on the Daily Beast article, as to attributions. yes, daisey is a royal ASSHAT and deserves to occupy the rogues fabulists’ gallery along with Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, James Frey, and others. my problem with Duhigg’s quote is that it makes a call to action but does not even begin to detail a plan of action. What does Duhig suggest this collective “we” do, as U.S. tech-products consumers? form OWS-like groups and storm the gates of Apple? This seems to only lead to massive pepper spraying. Buy Apple stock and attend shareholder meetings demanding changes in overseas manufacturing policy? That’s a very expensive proposition for most people who would be interested in seeing these changes. And that never seems to work either, the lead shareholders, mostly on the boards of these corporations, have their way over the smaller shareholders. I also find it interesting to note that we continue Daisey’s mistake of only mentioning Apple, because Apple is the most popular and richest purveyor of consumer electronics currently, and intoning their name is what gets clicks and hits. This same error in overseas manufacturing and how Chinese workers are treated is true of so many firms we buy our consumer-electronics from: HP, Dell, Lenovo, Motorola, Sony, Toshiba, etc. Apple is not innocent, but they are not alone — all of our consumer electronics firms are awash in the same sin of Chinese worker exploitation.

  2. Narkor

    Long and the short of it is that like climate change denialists – the denial of Daisey has allowed Apple fans to revert to a non-guilt existence. In future any time the conditions related to manufacturing come up – Apple fans will dismiss them as lies as it distorts the reality bubble they’ve built up of bettering the world through the purchase of consumer goods.

  3. Nick

    @faddah, write to your congressman and ask for regulation that will specify what is tolerable human labor for goods sold in US. Is slavery ok? How about child labor? Unsafe conditions/health and life insurance for injured workers? I am sure congress can come up with some reasonable rules, although some are probably already in place. For sure there is plenty of rules for importation of goods manufactured with rare species of plants and animals.

  4. woz

    I told you that this guy was a lying sack of shit when you were jizzing all over the place about his “show.”

    I ragged you about falling for a Chris Farley no-talent lookalike, but your idiot liberal “sensibilities” let you go on and on about him.

    What a douche you are, Lyons.

    Burn in hell right next to your fat-assed coconspirator.


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