If laptops existed in the ancient world …

The folks who run the Dell corporate blog just put up an interesting thought experiment: What could you have done with a laptop in prehistoric times? In ancient Greece? The Renaissance? It’s worth a look.

5 Responses to “If laptops existed in the ancient world …”

  1. Tsahi Levent-Levi

    The sad thing is that I think it would be a more interesting (and “relevant”) thought experiment if you change that laptop into a tablet… like… the iPad.

  2. nick

    You’d just get yourself killed by the mob for witchcraft and association with the devil.

  3. QueenMaryMac

    If it was a Dell, you probably couldn’t do much. Wonder what they’d have charged for their once famous now infamous customer service?

  4. woz

    Hey Lyons -

    When are you going to put up a post about the lying sack of shit you so proudly backed when you watched his fat ass perform a hatchet job on Jobs.

    “Mike Daisey lied about work conditions in contract manufacturing factories in China where iPhones and iPads are made. He lied on stage in a theatrical monologue (that itself is a bald rip-off of the medium invented by the late, great Spalding Gray.) He lied on NPR in a now-retracted episode of “This American Life.” And his lies were picked up by The New York Times, The Associated Press, MSNBC and HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” to name a few.”

    And by a liberal douchebag named DAN LYONS


    How’s the podcast going?

  5. A

    If you’re using a Dell, you’re already living in the ancient world. No thought experiment necessary.



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