Monthly Archives: February 2012

Wizard of Oz focus group

For some reason I can’t find an embeddable version of this video where idiots in a focus group give their suggestions for how to improve “The Wizard of Oz.” But you can watch it here on Gawker. The really funny thing is that these comments aren’t so far-fetched. I spent 18 months working on a… Read more »

LA Times weighs in on the Silicon Cesspool

Prompted in part by the back-and-forth that started with the “Hit men” article on this blog last week, Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times asks, “Are Silicon Valley tech bloggers truly objective?” You can maybe guess the answer but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Hiltzik talked to Michael Arrington and Sarah Lacy… Read more »

“The virus in your pocket”

That’s the headline my latest article for the Daily Beast about the alarming rise in mobile malware, particularly on the Android platform. This is based on a new study by Juniper Networks, which sells anti-malware software. You can find the article here.

Apple: We did nothing wrong, and we promise it won’t happen again

In the wake of the Path privacy fiasco, and after receiving a letter from meddlesome Congress dorks, an Apple spokesman tells John Paczhczhzkowski of AllThingsD that any iOS apps that are uploading user address book information are in violation of Apple guidelines and that from now on any app that wants to use your contact… Read more »

Daily Beast, FTW!

So I have a story in this week’s Newsweek about Workday, a cool software company in California that might do an IPO later this year. For some reason when the story ran online on the Daily Beast this morning, the photo of the company’s two CEOs had the wrong caption — and identified these two… Read more »