Why Apple deserves every bit of its success

Great products. An ecosystem of hardware-software-content. Fantastic customer service. Brilliant marketing. Awesome retail stores. World-beating supply chain and operational expertise. This is a company unlike anything any of us have ever seen. They have earned every bit of their success. And they are only getting stronger. My longer take on today’s phenomenal earnings report is here on the Daily Beast.

3 Responses to “Why Apple deserves every bit of its success”

  1. Boudica

    Whoa – I just got whiplash. Talk about an about face on Apple. Guess it was the change from sniping to facts that got me.

  2. Pastor Mac

    I’m stunned by the numbers today. I’ve been a Mac user since 1992 and was there in the dark days of 95-97 and when Steve came back I talked openly about the train that was pulling out of the station. I said, “Watch the stock…12 bucks ain’t nothing” and Michael Dell is now stewing in his own filth. MSFT was the gorilla which subsequently ended up before a judge answering to antitrust allegations. And, if it wasn’t for the presiding judge who flapped his jaws about the case in a place where he wasn’t supposed to be discussing such matters, it is most likely MSFT would have been broken up just like T. The findings of fact were absolutely devastating.

    Yet, today, AAPL is such a force in the marketplace that the MSFT dominance in the mid-90s almost pales in comparison. But there seems one possibly not so miniscule difference. Buying a PC then pretty much meant you were buying Windows and the club MSFT wielded over not only hardware makers plus the software development w/ the wide open API (hence the virus/malware). By all accounts, AAPL is almost the opposite. Total, absolute control over what software runs on proprietary hardware. I mean, how closed of a system can there be? Yet, people are flocking to buy into this closed system. Willingly. There’s no sweaty, balding man jumping up and down in front of Apple Stores forcing people into buying a swath of computers & devices. I’m sure someone will start agitating for antitrust review but frankly, AAPL is not indenturing people like MSFT did. There’s plenty of choice and people are choosing AAPL. What a ride on the train…

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