PanderDaily is funded by the very VCs whose startups it aims to cover. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s my new business plan: I will get Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola to fund my Android blog. I know it seems like a glaring conflict of interest, but is it really? I mean, really? Okay, it really is a conflict of interest. It really, really is. It’s disgusting, actually. But you know what? It sure beats trying to make money by selling ads. These days the cool kids in the Valley hackery have moved beyond mere “journalism” and instead are all about finding ways to “monetize influence.” That seems to be the strategy for Sarah Lacy’s new blog, PandoDaily, a publication funded by the very same VCs whose startups she aims to “cover.” From now on, if you’re a startup company, you won’t need to go hire PR people to go pitch those nasty hacks — because your investors will just get you covered by that sexy blog that they also happen to own. And if some other nasty publication starts writing critical things about you, well, your VCs have a pal in their pocket who can bash away on your behalf. This all makes perfect sense.

Seriously, if anyone reading this knows Andy Rubin, call me up. Half million each is nothing for Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola, and a very small price to pay to have an influential friend in the press. Look at it like a kind of insurance. Or a protection racket, as I believe it is called in some quarters. Pay up, and you get “most favored nation” status on our blog. Nothing icky about that, am I right? Next up: The Windows Phone blog, funded by Microsoft and its hardware partners. After that? Every vertical you can possibly imagine, funded by the main companies in those verticals. Potential investors, please get in touch. My email address is posted here.

BTW, if you think this is not what every investor in PanderDaily (and CrunchFund, for that matter) was thinking when they wrote their checks, I have some very nice real estate in Florida that I’d like to talk to you about. Or, better yet, a new blog. Huge returns, guaranteed! Because everyone knows blogs are huge money makers. Why else would all the hot VCs in the Valley be investing in one?

14 Responses to “PanderDaily is funded by the very VCs whose startups it aims to cover. What could possibly go wrong?”

  1. Kevin Kunreuther

    How soon before Sarah Lacy starts getting long in the tooth? Apparently, a pretty face may last a year or two, until a new daring warrior blog princess with a potty mouth captures the hearts and laps of nerdsylvanians next season. Lacy is just feathering the nest since she couldn’t snag Zuckerborg.

  2. Eric S. Mueller

    I get free subscriptions to publications that are little more than white paper farms for their sponsoring organization. I pay little attention to them. I don’t even bother renewing them, yet they still come.

    Considering this is the model the major media follows, it’s no wonder the start-ups are looking to do it.

  3. matt

    because being funded by the major corporations that either a) own most news outlets or b) deeply fund them is so much cleaner?

    if you’re mad that the startup community is being covered by a site that funded by startups – start looking at who funds the outlets that cover the real issues in our lives: politics, war, education, etc. or for that matter, how our lawmakers are funded.

    pick a real issue to be outraged over, take that on, and then tell me how much better you slept that night.

  4. Mike Onsing

    This is about integrity of Mike Arrington. He is setting up Sara to do what he wanted to do with Techcrunch. That was to leverage is power of media to control deal flow.

  5. faddah

    hello? techcrunch much?

    this is par for the course for former cruncher lacy — all tits, no content, and VCs/start-ups getting stroked for $$ under the table. i love this industry. and when i say, ‘the industry,’ i, of course, mean, ‘the business.’

  6. woz

    Shit, this is no different than the lib media kissing lib politician ass.

    You should recognize that, Lyons.

  7. faddah

    well, at least we can now know the “woz” who posts here ain’t the real-life Woz, not by a long shot (save the “i’d hit that”). the real one votes a solid, california liberal eco-friendly ticket. thanks for playing.

  8. Meatball Watson

    This seems like par for the course for all media. General Electric owning NBC seems far more egregious than this little blog. But let’s pick on Sarah Lacy. If she is guilty of anything it’s for letting it be known she is whoring. AND also for that idiotic name which will now forever be known as Pander rather than Pando.

    And WTF is Pando anyway?



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