Further evidence that the rise of Android is driving Apple fans out of their minds

Check out the video below or view it on flickr. It’s from CES in Las Vegas. A guy from Samsung is showing off a window display that turns a glass window into a computer display. With the touch of a finger you can flip the “blinds” open and shut, change the color of the blinds, pull up marketing reports, play video and so on. It’s pretty amazing stuff, and may be related to a breakthrough that Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology announced last October which involves “single crystalline Gallium Nitride on amorphous glass substrates.” Samsung has been tinkering with this idea for a while and showed off something sort of similar back in 2008 and showed more transparent display stuff in November 2010.

Now — view the video on flickr, and then look down in the comments. Do you know what Apple nuts are bitching about? The weather widget in the Samsung window display bears a striking resemblance to the weather widget on a Mac. “Shameless!” someone huffs and puffs. The video got picked up on Twitter by Radar Design, and then picked up by John Gruber on Daring Fireball under the headline, “Another Amazing Samsung Design Coincidence.”

I’m starting to wonder if Gruber is just trying to wind people up. Because, um, it’s a weather widget, and they all kind of look like this, and while I’m sure that Apple’s little weather widget is just the most amazingly perfect weather widget out there, and no doubt Jony Ive and his team spent months and months trying to decide on just the right shade of blue for the background of the widget and agonizing over which typeface would be the ideal one for a weather widget — is this what we’ve sunk to? Seriously? What has to happen to someone’s brain that they can look at a video of a magical transparent touch screen window display and all they notice is the weather widget?

This is like someone showing off a fully functioning time machine and having Gruber sniff that, well, that start button looks an awful lot like the power button an an iMac.

11 Responses to “Further evidence that the rise of Android is driving Apple fans out of their minds”

  1. A A

    John Gruber is irrelevant, but if you keep dising his foolish and retarded statements, you might become one too.
    Remember that you are the guy who wrote ‘There is no spoon’, how can you even think you can write such pieces and still command respect and readership?
    Please, we all know how awesome you can be. Have you lost faith in yourself? These things are very small for you. Please rise above them.
    Making passionate statements against or in favour of a product only hurts your image. Please be good again :)

  2. James

    I can’t tell which invention is more genius! The see-through display or Dan’s headline for this post? I mean, having nothing but a weak contextual connection to Android in the post is just SEO, but I can almost hear the “Apple fans” gasp at the mere accusation of narrow-mindedness!

    “What? I’ve never been narrow-minded in my LIFE! This guy has NO IDEA how much money I spend at Whole Foods. How can he say that about ME? I guess I’ll read his insulting article just to show him I’m not the narrow-minded one…”

  3. Tom

    Pretty sure Apple just lifted Konfabulator’s widget. That came before the dashboard. I think it’s still available from Yahoo!.

  4. Meester Bleester

    This comment system needs some love. “+1″ was a reply to Tom.

    At least RealDan (“Apple Hater”) has comments. Gruber has no comments. Oh wait – Daring Fireball With Comments … :^D

  5. Ank

    When bloggers/journalists/pundits start battling each other, they commit a cardinal sin – making themselves the news.

  6. Vince

    Jony Ive is an industrial designer.

    If you’re going to write about a company – especially when you’ve built your career by masquerading as the head of said company – at least get the basics right.

  7. Kevin Kunreuther

    Seriously, we’re practically on the door of “Minority Report” type computing, and the picayune nitpickers are getting their black cottonelle tees and limited edition Steveareeno underoos all bunched over a weather app? A weather app? Gruber already has the credibility of a farting baboon at Leona Helmsely’s Thanksgiving table, but the man seemingly wants to set new record lows in toadying to the ghost of Jobs. or at least offering Tim Cook an engagement ring, or was it a cock ring, I’m not too sure, either way I had to look away for fear my brain would devolve to tapioca and seriously consider WebOS once again as a viable mobile OS, but we’re tossing both oranges and apples out the window with the baby’s bath water, here.
    Most Apple blogs, especially the ones written by glaring assholes should shut down, because it was all about worshiping at the sneakered foot of once living Saint Steve. That ship has transcended earthly bounds, it’s time to get down to earth, shake off the effects of the once powerful Reality Distortion Field and get back to serious tech journo reporting, none of this Barbie v. Bratz bullshit that’s promulgating the globosphere.

  8. Dave R.

    Sorry, the above was a reply to Vince – the ‘Reply to this comment’ links don’t appear to work on here :(



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