Monthly Archives: October 2011

Yahoo has become the Paris Hilton of tech

My latest on the Beast, regarding the rumors about Google and everyone else wanting to buy Yahoo. Money quote: Yahoo has turned into the Paris Hilton of tech companies—a ditzy, dopey outfit that remains enormously popular even though nobody, including Yahoo itself, seems to know exactly what Yahoo does for a living. And like the… Read more »

The Jobs backlash begins

That’s the title of my piece that just went up on Daily Beast, and it’s what I kept thinking as I pored through the Isaacson biography, which landed on my iPad last night. Much of the stuff in the book is not new, but much of the stuff that is new is kind of disappointing… Read more »

Wall Street’s Apple Panic

That’s the headline on the article I posted on the Daily Beast last night after Apple reported its earnings. Gist is: Everybody take a deep breath. Apple turned in amazing numbers. The forecast for holiday quarter was strong. The stock hasn’t bounced back yet, but it will. Also keep in mind that Apple didn’t miss;… Read more »

Losing face

Episode 9 of The Double D Guys podcast, titled “Losing face,” is ready for a listen right here. Or you can get it on iTunes, as always. This week Dave Thackeray and I wonder why nobody would buy any Facebook shares in the recent SecondMarket auction. Then we try to talk each other into getting… Read more »

The pincer movement that could kill Android

On one flank, the ever-popular-and-showing-no-sign-of-slowing-down iPhone; on the other, a fresher looking (and not hampered by patent attacks) Windows Phone, with Nokia carrying the flag. That’s the argument of Ewan Spence. It’s worth a read.