Monthly Archives: September 2011

Kara Swisher already hates whatever Michael Arrington does next

“It’s sleazy, unethical, and crosses all sorts of boundaries. But it’s typical Arrington, obnoxious and outrageous and arrogant and totally offensive in every possible way. He’s still the same old egomaniac. The new site is just me-me-me, wah-wah-look-at-me-because-I’m-such-a-big-spoiled-crybaby, all the time. I can’t even look at it because it makes me sick to my stomach,”… Read more »

Is Facebook over?

Business Insider seems to think Facebook is toast, making the case that ZuckLand has “lost its mojo” and that “something stinks.” They mention a bunch of add-ons that haven’t caught fire, and that key people have left. They don’t talk about financials, but by some accounts Facebook’s mid-2011 results, as impressive as they were, actually… Read more »

Attention: Frommer is a friend of mine

I just giving him a little shit over his iPad piece where he explains all the ways in which he does and does not use his iPad, that’s all. Ease up on the nasty comments, okay? Fromedome is a good pal and a good reporter. His new site, Splatf, is pretty cool, and I admire… Read more »

Obscure freelancer pens 1200-word essay explaining exactly how and why he still uses his iPad; anxious world breathes sigh of relief, then goes back to whatever they were doing before; freelancer returns to watching TV and eating Doritos

Big news: Dan Frommer, formerly of Business Insider, has now owned his iPad for exactly 500 days, and he is still using it for various things and believes that it is a useful device that fits into his life in certain ways, and though it is not perfect for everything it is very good at… Read more »