New iPhone will be radically different, practically unrecognizable

MacRumors gets the goods, based on photos of the case for the iPhone 5 which apparently have been arriving in AT&T stores and photographed by super-spies who leaked them to the press. (Right.) As you can see in the photo, there are huge changes coming. Once again, Apple has rewritten the rules of the game. One enormous design shift: The mute button now has been moved to the other side of the phone. Also: The overall size is larger, but the phone is thinner. And it’s tapered. Tapered! Business Insider has a story on this too, which actually links you to a previous BI story about iPhone 5, which links to BI’s really informative 10-click slide show about what to expect in the new iPhone. All I expect is to be knocked senseless by the Zeus-like power of Tim Cook when he strides on stage next week. And I know I will not be disappointed.

11 Responses to “New iPhone will be radically different, practically unrecognizable”

  1. Commenter

    Sources who don’t want to be named have told me that Apple are going with a radical design where most of the front face of the phone will be a ‘direct manipulation input-output’ surface. This Input/Output surface will have a rectangular form factor and will handle both the ‘touch’ and ‘display’ functions of the traditional smart phone.

  2. Commenter

    For those who aren’t clear on the implications – imagine a device where you manipulate UI elements directly with your fingers (NOTE: plural!).

    I’m told this is exactly what to expect.

  3. person287

    I think it’s highly unlikely that AT&T will buy random cases from a manufacturer if they have no idea that it’ll be the right type, potentially wasting tens of thousands (or more) dollars. However I don’t think a case redesign means it’s necessarily a major step, they might not change anything inside, but it does say iPhone 5 on the case though, so I have no idea :)

  4. fluffy

    argh, that was meant to be a reply to Joshua Kehn. Why bother having a ‘reply to this comment’ link if it doesn’t actually do it as a reply?

  5. Michael

    He’s making fun of it but still posting about it.

    He want’s to have it both ways.

    People like the speculation. Just like people like to hear about the football draft. I guess if Dan was writing about sports he’d just wait until they new talent actually plays.

    Or he could just ridicule everyone reporting on the draft.

    Either way, not great.

  6. Kevin Kunreuther

    I’m sorry, Apple, but I yawned. I’ll get a new iTouch, and rig it up for Skype, but I think the Kindle Fire is what I really need for everything else.

  7. Billigfluege

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