Obscure freelancer pens 1200-word essay explaining exactly how and why he still uses his iPad; anxious world breathes sigh of relief, then goes back to whatever they were doing before; freelancer returns to watching TV and eating Doritos

Big news: Dan Frommer, formerly of Business Insider, has now owned his iPad for exactly 500 days, and he is still using it for various things and believes that it is a useful device that fits into his life in certain ways, and though it is not perfect for everything it is very good at some things, and if you have 10 or 15 minutes with nothing better to do you might enjoy reading about how, exactly, Dan Frommer still uses his iPad, which for a while he wasn’t using very much at all, though at first he was using it like all the time, and now he’s settled into more of a normal rhythm where he uses it for various things most of which involve reading Web sites on the Internet using Apple’s own Safari browser, an application that comes built-in on the iPad, at no cost. Dan Frommer does not read e-books or play videogames on the iPad. Nor does Dan Frommer use Flipboard . Dan Frommer is curious about AirPlay. Dan Frommer still uses his Macbook Air more than his iPad, but Dan Frommer nevertheless believes the iPad represents the future of computing. Dan Frommer is spending way too much time by himself in his apartment in Brooklyn and has way too much free time on his hands and someone needs to do an intervention.