Monthly Archives: September 2011

Amazon buying Palm?

That’s the rumor of the day, from VentureBeat. Poor Ruby. He’ll need to get all new business cards — again.

Check out what Apple’s #8 employee has to say about Kindle Fire

Chris Espinosa is impressed by the Silk browser which will “capture and control every Web transaction performed by Fire users.” Amazon now has what every storefront lusts for: the knowledge of what other stores your customers are shopping in and what prices they’re being offered there. What’s more, Amazon is getting this not by expensive,… Read more »

Kindle Fire, and the tricky business of chasing scoops

It’s tough work, trying to predict the future. Especially when it comes to technology products. As I tried to point out yesterday in the post about all the nutty reports about the features that the new iPhone 5 might or might not have, it’s really pretty much impossible to guess in advance what some new… Read more »

It’s official: Apple will announce one new iPhone, or possibly several; they will be bigger than iPhone 4, or smaller, or about the same size; and will be radically redesigned, or will look pretty much like iPhone 4

The magic happens Oct. 4 on the Apple campus in Cupertino. Sources say the model(s) will be called iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 Plus but definitely there’s also an iPhone 5, although Apple might introduce all of them, and the new ones will boast a radical new look (photo above) and will look nothing like… Read more »

Fat shirts and sexy smart phone apps

These are the subjects tackled in this week’s episode of the Double D Guys, which you can listen to here, or download from iTunes. There’s also some discussion of my own attempts to become the Tony Robbins of tech, a motivational speaker who can inspire hungover nerds and restore their sense of childlike wonder.

All of life has been utterly, profoundly changed thanks to Facebook’s new features, and nothing will ever be the same, and all I can do is sit here and weep at the beauty and magic that Mark Zuckerberg has brought to this world

I don’t mean to overhype this, but frankly I don’t think it would be possible to overhype something as huge and profound as what Facebook introduced yesterday, at least from what I gather reading the reports coming out of F8. Timelines. Open Graph. Apps. Music. Video. Bam! It’s all there and it’s all amazing and… Read more »