The real reason that everyone hates Google all of a sudden

MG Siegler of TechCrunch says everyone hates Google because Google is trying to do too much. Meaning: Apple was fine with Google until Google decided to invade Apple’s turf by making a smartphone operating system, and then started having some success. Keep in mind that MG is an Apple fanboy who recently compared Apple to James Bond and compared Google to Le Chiffre, the villain in Casino Royale. This was when Microsoft was so desperate to screw Google that they (a) actually spent money to buy patents for which they already had a license and (b) held their noses and teamed up with Apple, their longtime nemesis.

I would point out one thing. In tech, whenever you see companies teaming up and forming partnerships and alliances against one company, it always means the same thing: that company is winning.

80 Responses to “The real reason that everyone hates Google all of a sudden”

  1. Steve

    Yup. If you manage to piss off both Apple and Microsoft, you are doing something right.

    I should probably throw in “MG Siegler” in that lot, too, actually.

    • Dan Lyons

      The one where he compared Apple to James Bond and Google to Le Chiffre was priceless. I mean, you’re not taking sides or anything, right?

  2. Ralph Pollock

    Google is so hated, by my opinion, because it releases ALMOST finished applications – which is getting easier for people to see. They do not really FINISH anything. I don’t wish to go on forever with this – but a company that produces unfinished products all the time eventually gets a bad reputation, for good reason.

    • Dan Lyons

      I agree — it’s really annoying how Google puts out so much unfinished stuff. I used to joke that Google suffered from a kind of institutional ADHD. Smart kids who get excited about something, bang out a rough prototype, but then get bored and move on to something else. That last part, the last 10-20% of a project where you sand down the rough spots, make the interface perfect, etc., is where Apple separates itself from everyone else. I’ve never written software or built a project but my sense is that this last 10-20% is the really hard part.

  3. melgross

    Dan,you try so hard to be annoying to everyone all the time, and you’re successful at it. So what kind of fanboy are you?

    Really, Google is beginning to be seen as just another predatory company, that is hypocritical in what it says and does. They’ve been given a pass for too long. But eventually, things come home to roost. Personally, I consider them to be the most dangerous tech company around.

    • Dan Lyons

      I really don’t try to be annoying. It just comes naturally. Which company would you consider not predatory?

  4. Jbelkin

    People hate google because they are hypocritesand they don’t realize they literally are the MS of the 21st century – one one trick octopus trying to extend its tentacles – fawned over by the press when they have FAILED at every venture outside of search and ad revenue. Yes, they can create a lotof “free” businesses that produce zero revenue but is their legacy so far … For all we know, they might be yahoo 2.0 if another company comes along with a better search experience. Meanwhile they spend a lot of time talking about stuff they don’t really understand like androidis totally open expect fir the parts we locked down … Or patents ownership is a terrible idea … When others outbid us … Or they are out to gang up on us … Never mind the truth where they were invited to join in on the bidding! Google is a smart 13 year oldin college, brain smart but has an EIQ of 25 … So beyond matching keywords to ads, they have peaked because now they are like MS randomly copying the next business that comes along – well do restaurant reviews! Well do social! No buiness model! We have no idea how to make an actual business from it but we have the press fooled …

  5. melgross

    Dan, you try so hard to be annoying to everyone all the time, and you’re successful at it. So what kind of fanboy are you?

    Really, Google is beginning to be seen as just another predatory company, that is hypocritical in what it says and does. They’ve been given a pass for too long. But eventually, things come home to roost. Personally, I consider them to be the most dangerous tech company around.

  6. melgross

    First of all, sorry about the dup. It wasn’t showing up, so I sent it again. now, I know that THAT is annoying. Remove it if you can, please.

    I consider companies who don’t deliberately steal others work as not being predatory.

    As a partner, over the years, in two tech companies (small ones), I understand how difficult it is to have a product that doesn’t violate someone’s IP, or to have theirs not violate yours. But Google seems to make a habit of it. Apple violates IP, as do all other large tech companies, and they aren’t completely innocent either.

    But Google seems to be different here. They have never innovated anything. Everything they’ve done is a copy of what others have done. Indeed, Google itself is a copy of Yahoo.

  7. MarkG

    I really can’t fathom why ANYONE would hate Google, they give us so much cool stuff FOR FREE, and what they expect back in return is very little ( some nonidentifible stuff that make adverts more specific). I have no problem with that (better I see useful adverts rather than useless).

    List of all the cool stuff that Google give us for free, and think what Apple or Microsoft give you..

    Google Music
    Google Maps

    I’m guessing there is a whole lot more, but I use all these on a regular basis, for free…

  8. Paul

    But isn’t Google using the same tactics Microsoft used to destory Netscape, e.g. give its product (Android) for free to eliminate the competitor? And at least Microsoft got a license from Mosaic, unlike google which seemed to assume it didn’t need one (just like how it digitized everyone’s books without permission).

  9. melgross

    Google seems to give things for free. In reality, those things are not their products, because we are not their customers.

    WE are their products. And those things they give out for “free”? Well, they’re just a way for them to get more information about us that they can sell to their real customers, the advertisers. You can think of them as subtle surveys. We use them, and tell Google things we would never tell them if they directly asked us. Then they sell our information. We don’t give permission, we don’t get paid. We are a free resource to them.

  10. Kevin Kunreuther

    The only people who hate Google, as far as I can see, are its competitors and their respective fanbois and some of Google’s users when some it’s tools fail at critical times. For the most part, most users are pretty damn happy with Google and totally blind about Apple ( the real Microsoft in this fight ) and accept whatever tools and services from everybody else [ Microsoft, Yahoo!, Oracle, Adobe ) out of habit, until something is either or combination of freeer, cooler, easier to use , etc comes along.

  11. Frederick Brooks

    The first 90% takes 90% of the time. The last 10% takes 90% of the time.

  12. SpragueD

    It could mean something else: the DOJ and FTC are so slow in responding to Google’s questionable business practices (e.g., undercutting phone competitors by giving away a free OS that’s underwritten by monopoly ad revenue) that their competitors have to try and work in concert (risking their own anti-trust action) to try and police Google.

  13. pjs_boston

    I can only speak for myself, but I dislike Google because, in short, they are disingenuous and dishonest about their motives.

    As a product in and of itself, Android brings nothing to the table versus iOS, it’s chief competitor. To justify Android’s existence, Google has wrapped itself in the flag of open source. Google has positioned Android as the liberator of the mobile industry and users everywhere from the tyranny of Apple’s “evil” closed ecosystem. Google, being the “not evil” organization that they, are have gifted Apple’s competitors with this free OS to make the world a better place. Now, Apple and those other “evil” tech giants, Mircosoft and Oracle, are tring to strangle the helpless infant Android in it’s crib with “bogus” patent lawsuits.

    Has a multi-billion dollar company ever tried to peddle horses**t so blatantly?

    First, Google has supplied Android for free to desperate, flat footed, mobile equipment vendors for one reason only: to make big money for Google. Android does this two ways: to provide a stable advertising platform and to ensure a stream of mobile web analytics with which to sell targeted advertising.

    Second, Google misappropriated the patented inventions of competitors to get Android to market. In other words, they cheated.

    Third, having cloaked themselves in the shroud of pious open source altruism, they assume the role of the maligned victim.

    As patentgate unfolds, Google seems more and more like an accused drug dealer, blaming everyone but themselves for their uncomfortable predicament. So much for “don’t be evil”. Then again, all of the greatest liars and cheats in history succeeded first in lying to themselves.

  14. jbelkin

    You get iphoto for free when you buy a mac. of course, picasa came after iphoto and basically looks like it (albums on left, surprise!). Gmail is free as long as you dont mind them scanning for mail to push ads … its also the most sluggish of free mail choices but it is free though it looks essentually like yahoo mail. Google music – that’s laughable anyone would even call that out – have you heard of itunes FREE since 2000 – the world most popular jukebox software FREE for everyone – does Google music (attempt number 5) list rack info on the left? Humm, surprise, another copy. Android (humm, the courts will ultimately decide but strange that when they could no longer sit in on apple board meetings, there has been no new features (just bug fixes) to android in 2 years? Or they missed out on creating an oS to scale to tablet size because SJ stopped letting Eric sees what up?) Is that the sleaziest act of all – to go from board meetings to race back to google to whiteboard all that he’s heard? yes, google is a fine company when they give it away – people are accepting of the amateur hour OS & UI because it’s free but notice that NO ONE PAYS full price for any Google UI or OS (googleTV, google docs, nexus phone, android tablets (unsubsidized), googleearth pro…) again, nothing wrong with building a business from free – all good – but let’s not think they can actually run a real business outside of search – because all they can do is copy 75% … again, when it’s free, consumers are willing to accept its flaws but again, Google has NEVER built a business where consumers willingly pay for their efforts. Just look at tablet sales – a few tousand here and there – that is Google. AWESOME BRILLIANT at search and monetizing – morons at everything else … morons is harsh, sure but you cannot make any money at something you throw billions at – youre a moron – like MS and the internet. SHUT IT DOWN.

  15. Rpharo

    I think you are right Dan. One reason they are getting a bad press at the moment is that a lot of the Apple and MS press have moved against them en mass and that is tech PR which is hard to battle. Why are they lashing out? Because like any animal, they are scared. When Apple lost the PC battle to Microsoft, there was something they could fall back on – internal mistakes, bad management appointed by the board, dodgy business tactics by Redmond etc. With Google, they have a competitor that has products people love and is competent. Thus, the fear.

    Google is a copy? Everybody copies in some way, being a copy does not make you successful. Google`s PR is obviously not the most competent aspect of the company, but people quickly lost site of where the real problems are – how the system can be misused by companies for their own commercial ends.

  16. MarkG

    Living in a dreamworld I see, cherrypicking what you want to believe, disregarding anything that does not fit.

    I’m guessing MSFT either pay your wages, or indirectly pay you with free laptops, free XBox, luxurious product launch weekends ect etc…

  17. Eduardo

    I never realized there were so many experts in patent law posting on tech blogs until all this came about :\

    Who would have thunk…

  18. DjebbZ

    Ohoo, you’re so right. I’m gonna bookmark this page just to remind these words and maybe reuse your words, so true to my eyes.

  19. Steve

    I’m no Google fan boy but you’re not being very objective here. Android 1.0 came out with quite a few innovations, such as notifications, background tasks and push system, all of which are finally being copied by Apple in iOS5. Just to name a few.

    All companies in this space have no choice but innovate, Google is no exception.

  20. Mike McDonald

    Read over @ Cringeley’s blog a simple question: Who is Google’s customer? Who is Apple’s customer? Google’s customer is not you. Google’s customers are *advertisers* Apple’s customers are those that purchase their products. Google’s products are to market you to their advertisers. Very big difference.

  21. Maurice Walshe (@Neuromancer)

    Not Just me then look at the half assed way they do apis and things lik they fucked up doing simple things like enforcing a canonical country name – they start by saying right use two letter alapha cool but then fuck it up by allowing any string.

    Ditto phone numbers – Vint ought to make them stay behind after school to finish their home work :-)

  22. Marcela c.

    Totally true. I found out that when using my Gmail account, Gmail “reads” (scans through) my emails and the advertisement they present on the same page is related to the content of my emails. Isn’t that awful? I hate Google.

  23. Vancouver_Canuck

    Who actually pays attention to ads?

    Its easy to hate on success, are you people the same haters who diss on M$ and Apple when they were at their peak?

  24. Wolfman

    Microsoft certainly has more free stuff than Google, it just depends on what’s considered useful.

    For example, do a search on these keywords:
    Windows Live Essentials
    Security Essentials
    Virtual Earth
    Visual Studio Express
    SQL Server Express
    Bing Maps
    MSN Games
    Media Player
    Media Center

    Whether you love or hate Microsoft, they still provide more free software than Google or Apple. Now, if you don’t use the software, that’s a differnt story.

  25. Jeffrey

    I know I’m late to the party, but I just wanted to point out that you are, unsurprisingly, wrong, Dan. In the Siegler article, Apple is not James Bond at all. Apple is Felix. If you a) read the article, or b) watched the film, you would know that.

    The analogy also didn’t infer that Google is evil and Apple is good – only that Apple won and Google lost. You drew that conclusion all on your own.

    Oh, and here’s a thought. According to your own logic, Apple is winning, because Google has been teaming up with every Asian manufacturer it can in order to compete with Apple – in every product category.

    I bet that really burns your ass, since you’re an anti-Apple fanboy.

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