Monthly Archives: August 2011

Google’s new feud with Facebook

Google complains that  for some weird reason, when people post links on Facebook to let their friends try out Google+, the links aren’t getting through. Facebook says it has no idea what Google is talking about. Just posted on the Daily Beast.

Good Dan Gillmor piece on Google-Motorola

From the Guardian. Short version: Google needs patents and may just sell off the hardware business; but maybe not. Maybe Google wants to try to be Apple, doing integrated hardware and software. GooMoto could make some cool devices. Might not be as nice as Apple (which is still the best, by far) but some people… Read more »

You meet some of the nicest people in the Apple community

This guy just tracked me down on a vacation with my family in England. I guess he took issue with my post suggesting that Google pulled a fast one on Apple and Microsoft. I don’t know what came over me. Of course no company could outsmart Apple. Especially not Google. Google people are stupid and evil…. Read more »

Apple busted for presenting flawed evidence

Allegation is that Apple created images where they changed the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to make it look more like the iPad — to convince a German court that Samsung’s product is a clone and a ripoff. Hard to believe that Apple would do this. The GT may violate all sorts of Apple… Read more »

Suck on it, AppleSoft — Google pulls a rope-a-dope

Everyone was baffled when Google made those crazy bids for the Nortel patents last month. Remember? They bid things like the distance from the earth to the sun, the number pi, and some other wacky numbers from mathematics. Which led ultra Apple fanboy MG Siegler to crow that Google had got “pi in the face”… Read more »

The real reason that everyone hates Google all of a sudden

MG Siegler of TechCrunch says everyone hates Google because Google is trying to do too much. Meaning: Apple was fine with Google until Google decided to invade Apple’s turf by making a smartphone operating system, and then started having some success. Keep in mind that MG is an Apple fanboy who recently compared Apple to… Read more »

Out with the old: I just bought a MacBook Air

Much love and thanks for all the advice on my post about the saga of my crashing MacBook Pro. I got a lot of good tips, especially from people on Facebook. Maybe it’s the fans. Maybe it’s some wire. Maybe it’s a thermal issue. The MBP is still out at the Burlington Mall store, and… Read more »

I’m told that I sound “bitter and angry”

This because yesterday I posted an item wondering if the market collapse means the IPO window has shut down again, and if so, what happens to the VCs who are sitting on a bunch of deals where they’ve paid ridiculously high valuations? They were hoping to flog this stuff off to bigger fools in the… Read more »