Reality check: Twitter & Facebook put into context


39 Responses to “Reality check: Twitter & Facebook put into context”

  1. Crackity Jones

    There is something I don’t like about all this over-sharing. I’m sure the Zeitgeist guys could say something about it.

    Nice to see you posting regularly again Dan!

  2. Andy Jukes

    Credit where it’s due: this was created by Jetpacks ( Now it’s gone viral without any love for the smart and funny guy who made it in the first place.

  3. Derek

    Have you ever considered making a blog post that doesn’t make you look like an asshole or offend half your blog readers?

  4. Crackity Jones

    @Derek – if you find this offensive you really need some help.
    I use facebook, but if someone says its a waste of time (which it kind-of is), I’m not going to run away crying and feeling hurt.

  5. Jeff

    Derek, your missing sense of humor has been located in a dumpster behind the Moscone Center. Apparently it’s been there since MacWorld 2004.

  6. Will The Real Lastangelman Please Stand Up?

    The people that will be in control will be the ones who never used social networking sites, used e-mail and IM sparingly or with high encryption or have next to no postings on the internet. At all. Complete cyphers. Think about it.

  7. Mike Cane

    >>>Complete cyphers. Think about it.

    Nah. They’ll be from The Dollhouse.

    And mad composites.

    You will fear our Composited Overlords.

  8. arcanetrickster

    The only worthwhile use for Twitter is as a publicity platform. I use it to notify people about my blog posts, and make random idiotic updates to get more followers. As for Facebook, it’s actually starting to replace e-mail among my age group(18-24) and I think that is sad(Since these sites are basically ways for marketing companies to obtain detailed and specific demographic information, and reduce privacy to such a degree that one can expect advertisements that include their name, address and an accurate list of interests.) People used to understand the internet, now we just have people posting useless information whenever the mood strikes them.

  9. teevee

    How far we have come and how far we have yet to go.

    “Grandpappy, you mean you actually spoke into a piece of plastic”

  10. FSJ

    Twittering, facebooking and bullshitting is the new distraction for the masses, the new Bread and Games.

    Fellas, economy is in the shitter, leadership is all gone (even Obama was shopping for a dog), financial geniuses revealed themselves as fraudsters or incompetents (except when it comes to interior decoration).

    While you are being fed to RSS feeds and into the system to pay for bailouts, just keep on fuqing twittering.

    It makes a lot of sense.

  11. Crackity Jones

    I thought I might be a twitter guerilla terrorist – I set-up an account called ‘twaggot’ – piss people off.
    Too much effort for a joke, I think I might just keep it and share my breakfast with the world.

  12. Jetpacks

    Gol-dang, I’ve gone viral.

    Now, how to monetize these 15 minutes of Internet fame…

    Thanks to Vancouver’s own Andy Jukes for the link love above.

  13. FBO

    Thank you!

    I just can’t figure out why people do these things. Sure, I enjoyed watching people like iJustine drink coffee, but why do that, or upload pictures, or “tweet” what you’re doing every 15 minutes. Oooooh, I’m going to bed now, let me update my status on facebook to reflect that. Just today, I was invited to some “online birthday party” on facebook, and promptly ignored it. I was asked why I ignored it, and said because it’s not even a real party. Will there be cake that I can physically eat? Nope. And contrary to popular belief, it’s cake, it’s in my hand, so it becomes my piece of cake, and yes, I can in fact eat it too.

    - Barry

  14. Will The Real Lastangelman Please Stand Up?

    New Words:
    Tweetybirds – obsessive Twitter posters who report every mundane detail and thought in their lives.

    Sylvesters – people who don’t “get” Tweetybirds. Usually non-using pundits or tech fogeys or snobs.

    Cranes – users constantly checking for any Tweetybirds latest tweets, usually “craning” their heads over their mobile devices.

    BULLETINBULLETINBULLETIN: MARISSA MEYER,despite constant denials, is preparing to exit Google and go straight to Apple, on or after June 30, 2009.

  15. Joe

    It’s certainly about this banal stuff, but also about much more. When I look at most tweets I read from the people I chose to follow, they are informative and often save me time finding information myself. Most of social media is about more than what’s on the surface and easily lampooned for a quick sound bite.

  16. Rosie Poker Gratis


    Dear writter This extraordinary content like this should be praised so don´t thank me….

    I write contributions in several places and it is what I´m working at the moment, lol!:) and it was the main reason I visited on your page…to look for new concepts.

    By the Way, I was raised In Mississipi from there it comes my ceptical behaviour, an my username related to card games!!!!:)

    Like the poet once said “Unless they confess about the mess they have in congress the economy will depress”……..

    Just a small warning you have to put more social network pluggins on this website, like twitter, this is a perfect tool to get away from google panda 3.4, thas has been making us insane, Google are every time telling to make quality conten , by the way what is quality to Google :/?

    Kiss to all of you, Bye



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