Interesting feedback on my first Newsweek column, “One Bad Apple.” The column argues that Apple has become what Microsoft was 10 years ago — a Bigfoot to smaller companies, throwing its weight around and treating its ecosystem partners not very well. A hardcore Kool-Aid drinker inside Apple sniffs that, “Your column didn’t piss me off, just because I think you are wrong.” A Kool-Aid drinking fanboy writes that the article was so frigtarded that “at first when I read it I thought it must be written by someone who doesn’t know very much about Apple or technology.” Ryan Block of gdgt says I’m an idiot. (See, Ryan has a company with no vowels in its name. Ooooh.)

But then a Valley veteran who happens to be the developer of one of the most popular iPhone apps writes: “Awesome! As a newcomer to the Apple ecosystem, I couldn’t agree more!”

Food for thought.

Oh, and as the angry email rolls in, I’m reminded of something I wrote in July, called “The culture of enablers.” Though I think “cult” instead of “culture” might have been more appropriate.