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29th Aug, 2008

I'm sorry for this, but it's Friday, okay?

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28th Aug, 2008

Bloomberg runs Dear Leader's obituary slightly ahead of schedule

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There are some days when I really, really, really wish I were still writing Fake Steve, and friends, this is one of them. In case you haven’t heard, Bloomberg accidentally ran Steve Jobs’s obituary today, and then retracted it. Luckily, Gawker decided to humiliate Bloomberg by publishing the entire obit, including the list of people that Bloombots should call if/when Dear Leader actually does die, which I’m still not sure […]

26th Aug, 2008

Borg and Seinfeld — the real story

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Silicon Apartment speaks truth to power. See the full comic strip here.

25th Aug, 2008

Woz has a new lady friend?

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Much love to the anonymous reader who spotted Woz at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco over the weekend — and quickly snapped a photo and sent it to me. Anyone know who the lady on the Segway might be?

23rd Aug, 2008

Borg's Mojave experiment

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See here. Microsoft plays evil practical joke on potential customers, then humiliates them with online video. Fantastic!

22nd Aug, 2008

Polish actors paid to form fake iPhone lines

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That’s what it says here, and even though it’s Fox News I’m still inclined to believe it, since it originally was reported by Reuters. Orange, the carrier for iPhone in Poland, is paying people to form lines outside stores and generate some hype. Woz apparently has leapt at the offer and is already on his way to Warsaw. Oh, and Karol Karol, the dude from the Kieslowski pictures (right) will be […]

22nd Aug, 2008

Joy of Tech skewers Seinfeld for Borg deal

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See here. Another instant classic from Nitrozac and Snaggy. Meanwhile, in related news, a source very close to the Borg has double-dog sworn to me that they did not have anything to do with the leak of the Seinfeld deal to the Journal, and they really, really, really are not happy that this news got out. So apparently the leak came from the ad agency. Bit of advice to the Borg: If you really are trying to copy Apple’s […]

21st Aug, 2008

Borg hires 54-year-old retired comic to gain "hip" image

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The Borg is hiring Jerry Seinfeld (shown at right, using Vista for first time) in a sad attempt to counter Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads and win over young customers. That’s what the Journal is reporting today, citing “sources” close to the company. Well, it’s another brilliant move. Because Seinfeld is so hip — if by hip you mean “hip surgery.” Sure, the 50-something guys who run Microsoft think Seinfeld […]

19th Aug, 2008

Darwin Award

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Florida surftard tries to kite-surf Tropical Storm Fay, falls slightly short of exceeds expectations.

19th Aug, 2008

Apple spokesbot: There was no fire

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You’ve probably read reports about some kind of fire at the Apple campus. In the finance department. Hmmm. Well I’m happy to say I’ve just received a phone call from an Apple spokesbot who told me, off the record, that in fact those reports were incorrect. “There was no fire,” the person said. I said, But what about the firefighters? The fire trucks? The smoke pouring out of the building? The […]